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4 Ways to be Mindful when Sharing the Road

We know that learning a new skill can be pretty overwhelming at times, especially if you’re beginning to cycle on the road. As a person on a bike, you have to share the road and cycle paths with other users such as pedestrians and drivers, just as drivers share the road with others. The responsibility to look out for one another can’t solely be placed at the foot of drivers, people on bikes need to be mindful of people in cars as well. 

Whether someone is learning to drive a car or ride a bicycle, it’s essential to be mindful of vulnerable road and cycle-path users, especially children. If you’re wondering what it means to be ‘mindful’ in the real world, here are a few ways to be thinking of other road users: create extra space when passing someone on a bike. This helps to keep bike lanes clear while encouraging others to keep more distance. Check your car mirrors for people on bikes before you open your door, or set off from a parked position. And similarly, when cycling, always make room for cars to pass, but only when there is enough space to do so!

If navigating traffic or cycling outdoors gives you any cause for concern, here are some brilliant tips for finding your confidence and building on it;


It may sound obvious, but being aware of your breathing while riding your bike goes a long way to building confidence. When you’re nervous, your body will instinctively tense up, and your breathing will alter. Some people may experience rapid breathing, while others may find themselves holding a breath! The important thing is to remember to take regular deep breaths. The next time you’re feeling a little frustrated when stuck behind a bike, breathe for 10 seconds, this will chill you out and highly likely the bike will have already gone! 

Be patient

You may be waiting for the traffic lights to change, or you’ve come to a stall on your trip; whether you’re the driver or on a bike, being patient on the road is not only safe but smart.

Studies have shown that drivers lose <1mph average speed when behind a person on a bike on the road, which is nothing! Being patient and courteous won’t slow you down… that much!


Creating space for people to get around on the roads is essential for remaining safe, especially if you spot vulnerable people. Allow enough space for safe passing and remember to thank anyone who lets you pass or make a manoeuvre, after all, manners cost nothing!


A smile between two people creates a friendly social connection, and it helps us feel good, and feel confident! So, don’t forget to be courteous while sharing the road, it’s exactly the same! 

With a positive mental attitude and these top tips for building confidence on the bike, you’ll be navigating your way around town in no time. Cycle anywhere in your own time, at your own pace with confidence and enjoyment.

If you are a nervous bike rider, or you would like more information on how to improve your road-awareness and confidence on the bike, The Bicycle Society offers membership packages which give you the tools and expertise to strengthen your bond with cycling. Let this be the first step in getting out on your bike in 2021.

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About Our Founder

Rob and children receiving an “Excellence in School Cycling Award”  from Will Norman – Transport for London.

Founded in 2013 by Rob Reed. Rob has a vast array of experience of all kinds of bike riding from BMX racing,  BMX Freestyle, Velodrome riding, Road racing and Mountain Biking. Starting out in Cross Country mountain biking with his brother and dad, Rob quickly found jumps and the natural progression onto BMX. After travelling the USA competing in BMX, Rob returned home to the Cotswolds to study Sustainable Transport and Sport Science, specialising in urban design for bicycles!

After university, Rob worked for several years with various cycling charities and organisations promoting cycling to all ages and abilities. On the weekend’s Rob was out in the hills guiding and coaching mountain bikers because of his love of being outdoors and playing on bikes. He wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience green spaces, outdoor education and simply riding for any reason you want.

The Bicycle Society was born to help each individual person, experience the true potential of what a bike offers, they are exhilarating beyond words, or convenient workhorses. Since starting a family,  Bertie (who learnt to ride a peal bike when he was 1!) and Edie with his wife Laura, it has accelerated his desire to help them grow up in a country where cycling is a safe and desirable way to get around town for us all.  You can’t be around Rob for more than a minute before you hear the word bike, he has a truly infectious personality that will make you smile and then get your bike out.

“We have a responsibility to help every individual discover just how exciting riding a bike can be. I personally aim to help every individual to have a positive experience with bikes and cycle training, in schools or from your doorstep”  Rob Reed 2020.

Rob’s beliefs are that everyone, especially children should experience cycling in a safe, progressive and playful way. He continuously reflects with the coaches to ensure every individual has their positive experience with a bike.  He has personally taught over 30,000 children how to cycle and has found his calling in life. Some people are meant for their jobs and for Rob it is also his passion. You can still find him jumping and riding anywhere he can, any excuse to pedal, check him out on Instagram.

Thank you to all of our partner brands, and to you, for taking the time to read about our founder, I know that he will enjoy sharing a bike ride with you all one day. Please get in touch for anything bicycle related, we just love to hear all of your stories.

The Bicycle Society is made for us.

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Doorstep to Destination

Our theory is that every journey covers continuous links from a Doorstep to Destination Active Travel Journey.

Doorstep to Destination is based around a typical journey to school. A child’s destination is school but families complete an onward journey by bike, repeating short journeys to school will give families the confidence to create new active travel habits.

The details of desired routes to school and beyond are analysed from a community-led study, backed up with a political authority that will implement temporary and permanent improvements to the local cycling community and infrastructure.

We are working towards establishing a community that makes the choice to leave a car behind and use cycling and walking as their preferred method.

Four aims:

  1. Increase the number of households and pupils confidently cycling to school and beyond.
  2. Create highly effective (temporary to permanent) Doorstep to Destination infrastructure.
  3. Create highly desirable opportunities for communities to connect LTNs to School Streets and beyond. 
  4. Evaluate, model and adapt to continuously improve and innovate.
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Motivate, Inspire and Support

Motivate, Inspire and Support!

Our mission is to help 14 million more people choose cycling for journeys under two miles. We NEED your help to ensure there are more bike trips than car trips to your local shops, schools, village, town and city centres.

We were once a nation that travelled by horse and by boat. Somewhere along the line, we all started driving, mostly because it was convenient, warm and easy. However, now it is more convenient to travel by bike! We just need to inspire and support everyone to find it easy and, sorry, not a great deal we can do about the weather!

If you can ride a bike for 2 miles, it quickly grows to 3, 4, 5 and more! Plus your adventure will truly start when you find parks and green places to explore. We passionately love the more extreme side of bike riding too, let us know if you love to jump!

If you are a group, club, family or an individual who would like to help inspire more people to join in with the joys of cycling we want to hear from you.  Please get in touch via the contact us page and we can help you, help more folk like us to ride bikes every day.