Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate, encourage,  support and captivate people of all ages. Cycle for whatever reason you choose, for a lifetime of enjoyment and experiences.

  • To make cycling safe, easy and convenient for any short journey.
  • Guarantee to teach all children in Primary Schools to cycle
  • For all children in Secondary School to receive the new standard in cycling training
  • For cycling to be allocated a minimum of 29 hours in Primary Schools spread over all years, or in one targeted year.
  • Pin positive emotions to cycling through serotonin moments in all of our courses

Our Vision

We have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of people on bikes, by responsibly sharing the road, as well as showcasing cycling as a highly exciting and enjoyable past time.

We see an environment where people own both bicycles and cars, however, for short journeys, our members will choose a bicycle. Save your car for the open road, or the one-off tip run. A bicycle is a friend to you, your family, your neighbour, your community and your planet.

To achieve this, we need our members to model the behaviour we all want to see, using bicycles to visit villages, towns, cities and beyond.

Our Values


  • Create resilient and curious children through pinning positive emotions to cycling
  • Empower all members to feel resilient when cycling in most weather conditions
  • Encourage our members to seek¬† guidance and support if unsure of when, how and where to cycle
  • Support our member’s voice when campaigning for safer, desirable and accessible cycling infrastructure.
  • Showcase the lifelong journey a bicycle can bring.
  • Learn from and listen to our members.



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