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About Our Founder

Rob and children receiving an “Excellence in School Cycling Award”  from Will Norman – Transport for London.

Founded in 2013 by Rob Reed. Rob has a vast array of experience of all kinds of bike riding from BMX racing,  BMX Freestyle, Velodrome riding, Road racing and Mountain Biking. Starting out in Cross Country mountain biking with his brother and dad, Rob quickly found jumps and the natural progression onto BMX. After travelling the USA competing in BMX, Rob returned home to the Cotswolds to study Sustainable Transport and Sport Science, specialising in urban design for bicycles!

After university, Rob worked for several years with various cycling charities and organisations promoting cycling to all ages and abilities. On the weekend’s Rob was out in the hills guiding and coaching mountain bikers because of his love of being outdoors and playing on bikes. He wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience green spaces, outdoor education and simply riding for any reason you want.

The Bicycle Society was born to help each individual person, experience the true potential of what a bike offers, they are exhilarating beyond words, or convenient workhorses. Since starting a family,  Bertie (who learnt to ride a peal bike when he was 1!) and Edie with his wife Laura, it has accelerated his desire to help them grow up in a country where cycling is a safe and desirable way to get around town for us all.  You can’t be around Rob for more than a minute before you hear the word bike, he has a truly infectious personality that will make you smile and then get your bike out.

“We have a responsibility to help every individual discover just how exciting riding a bike can be. I personally aim to help every individual to have a positive experience with bikes and cycle training, in schools or from your doorstep”  Rob Reed 2020.

Rob’s beliefs are that everyone, especially children should experience cycling in a safe, progressive and playful way. He continuously reflects with the coaches to ensure every individual has their positive experience with a bike.  He has personally taught over 30,000 children how to cycle and has found his calling in life. Some people are meant for their jobs and for Rob it is also his passion. You can still find him jumping and riding anywhere he can, any excuse to pedal, check him out on Instagram.

Thank you to all of our partner brands, and to you, for taking the time to read about our founder, I know that he will enjoy sharing a bike ride with you all one day. Please get in touch for anything bicycle related, we just love to hear all of your stories.

The Bicycle Society is made for us.