All Membership Benefits

Household and Individual members benefit from additional services like bespoke skills sessions, mechanic call out and exclusive opportunities. Free members can access all of the online offers. When a new benefit comes up, you will be able to redeem it whilst your annal membership is valid.

Personalised Skills Sessions

Total of two hours with one visit per year. A Coach will come to your home or workplace to run personalised cycling classes to help you and your family get off to a flying start. If you want, you can invite four others on your skills session (When COVID restrictions allow).

Mechanic Call Out

As a Household member of The Bicycle Society, you can call for a mechanic to come to your home for a bike check*, ensuring they are safe and up to speed. *Costs vary depending on geographic location as we work with local companies to deliver your service.

Personalised Skills Sessions

Total of four hours spread over two visits. A Coach will come to your home to run personalised cycling classes to help you and your family get off to a flying start.

Nominate a School

We ask all members to nominate a local school for cycle sessions. Once a school has 20 nominations, The Bicycle Society will provide 2 days of biking school for free!


We deliver a wide spectrum of courses from using a balance bike to improving on your mountain, electric or BMX bikes. As a member you receive 50% off any course booking at the checkout. We have some seriously exciting coaches coming onboard!

Nominate your Workplace

We ask all Individual members to nominate a workplace for cycle sessions. Once one workplace has 20 nominations, The Bicycle Society will provide one day of skills sessions for free!

10% Off all bikes

If you're looking for a new bike, we're here to help with 10% off any bikes! Electric and normal bikes purchased through our web-store will be discounted when you join as an Individual or Household member.

96% Bike Hire discount

All members can hire a bike Brompton for £3.50 per day and receive a discount on Brompton Bike Hire Annual Membership.

50% off for 3-months

Addition Accounting is a brilliant subscription accounting solution that manages your finances, leaving you to focus on what matters most. With packages to suit all levels of business, Addition Accounting saves you valuable time that could be better spent riding bikes!

20% off Helmets

Home of the worlds lightest helmet and the worlds coolest kids helmets. Our members receive 20% off and crash replacement.

20% off Proviz

The award-winning Proviz brand is on its way to becoming the world's most innovative enhanced visibility sports manufacturer. With a wide range of apparel and accessories, TBS members can enjoy 20% shop-wide!

50% Discount

Essence prides itself as a brand that delivers high quality, unique designs and most importantly customer satisfaction. Through extensive market research and testing, Essence's goal is to provide you with the best high-performance sports eyewear at affordable prices.

Average 21% savings off renewal

Car Insurance 4 Cyclists (CI4C) offer competitive insurance policies to cyclists who also drive. Our members save on average of 21% on renewal. What's even better is that all profits go to help vulnerable and orphaned children of Malawi through the charity, Starfish Malawi.

Join the TBS Group

Plan and record your bike rides with this easy-to-use app. You can join The Bicycle Society's group where you can track the collected efforts of TBS members and see just how much of a positive impact cycling has on your community and the local environment.


We are passionate about changing society's behaviour towards cycling. The Bicycle Society will represent you to help with campaigning for local and national change to make ccycling safer, easier and more accessible for you and your household.

Facebook Group

As a member of The Bicycle Society, you'll gain access to our exclusive Members Group on Facebook. This is a space to meet others, share top tips, cycle routes and generally supporting the cycling community.

50% off first three months

The affordable, sustainable and fully flexible way to get your family cycling. With monthly kids bike subscriptions.

Fruit & veg box discount

Fruit and Veg delivery from local producers coming soon. Coming Soon!

Exclusive offers

Coming Soon!


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