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Doorstep to Destination

Our theory is that every journey covers continuous links from a Doorstep to Destination Active Travel Journey.

Doorstep to Destination is based around a typical journey to school. A child’s destination is school but families complete an onward journey by bike, repeating short journeys to school will give families the confidence to create new active travel habits.

The details of desired routes to school and beyond are analysed from a community-led study, backed up with a political authority that will implement temporary and permanent improvements to the local cycling community and infrastructure.

We are working towards establishing a community that makes the choice to leave a car behind and use cycling and walking as their preferred method.

Four aims:

  1. Increase the number of households and pupils confidently cycling to school and beyond.
  2. Create highly effective (temporary to permanent) Doorstep to Destination infrastructure.
  3. Create highly desirable opportunities for communities to connect LTNs to School Streets and beyond. 
  4. Evaluate, model and adapt to continuously improve and innovate.