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Motivate, Inspire and Support

Motivate, Inspire and Support!

Our mission is to help 14 million more people choose cycling for journeys under two miles. We NEED your help to ensure there are more bike trips than car trips to your local shops, schools, village, town and city centres.

We were once a nation that travelled by horse and by boat. Somewhere along the line, we all started driving, mostly because it was convenient, warm and easy. However, now it is more convenient to travel by bike! We just need to inspire and support everyone to find it easy and, sorry, not a great deal we can do about the weather!

If you can ride a bike for 2 miles, it quickly grows to 3, 4, 5 and more! Plus your adventure will truly start when you find parks and green places to explore. We passionately love the more extreme side of bike riding too, let us know if you love to jump!

If you are a group, club, family or an individual who would like to help inspire more people to join in with the joys of cycling we want to hear from you.  Please get in touch via the contact us page and we can help you, help more folk like us to ride bikes every day.