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With a Free Membership to The Bicycle Society, you can take advantage of great online savings from our partner brands, including the market-leading brand for reflective apparel, Proviz.

As a valued member of TBS, you’ll be invited to join the exclusive Bicycle Society member’s group on Facebook. Here, you can share cycle routes, meet other members and show your support for our campaigning efforts to improve cycling on a local and national scale.

You’ll also receive a welcome email with information on how you can redeem your book of benefits so you can begin your journey to safer and more enjoyable bike rides.

For more information about FREE membership benefits, check out the features below, and when new privileges are added, you’ll be eligible to redeem them too!


20% off Proviz

The award-winning Proviz brand is on its way to becoming the world's most innovative enhanced visibility sports manufacturer. With a wide range of apparel and accessories, TBS members can enjoy 20% shop-wide!

50% off for 2-months

Addition Accounting is a brilliant subscription accounting solution that manages your finances, leaving you to focus on what matters most. With packages to suit all levels of business, Addition Accounting saves you valuable time that could be better spent riding bikes!

Car Insurance discount

Did you know that you can get a great discount on your car insurance for being a cyclist? Car Insurance 4 Cyclists (CI4C) offer competitive insurance policies to cyclists who also drive. What's even better is that all profits go to help the poor, vulnerable and orphaned children of Malawi through the charity, Starfish Malawi.